UGA State Team Play

Members of The Barn Ladies Association are invited to play in the Utah Golf Association Womens Team Play.  Schedule and location varies throughout the summer and competition is based on lowest to highest index for the eight person team.

Division 2
Bonneville, Drifters, PC Parsavers,
 Riverbend, The Barn

May 11, Friday , 9:00 AM – The Barn at Eaglewood (Drifters)
May 17, Thursday, 9:00 AM – The Barn at Riverbend
June 18, Monday , 8:30 AM – The Barn at Park City (PC Parsavers)
July 20, Friday, 8:00 AM – The Barn at Bonneville
August 2Thursday, 8:00 AM – Riverbend at The Barn
August 16, Thursday , 8:30 AM – Park City at The Barn
August 23, Thursday, 8:00 AM – Drifters at The Barn
August 30, Thursday, 8:00 AM – Bonneville at The Barn