Golf Etiquette

Be supportive, Have Fun & Speed Up Play!

  • Play "Ready Golf." Don't worry about "honors."  Check this site for more info:
  • Always respect others while they tee off: no talking in their backswing, etc.
  • Keep track of where your ball lands.
  • Driver: drop your cart passenger off at their ball, then go to your ball.  Passenger: take a few clubs with you so that you have what you need with you.
  • Keep track of your clubs--place them at the edge of the green, so you don't have to come back for them.
  • Study your putt while others are putting without standing in front of the hole or behind the person putting.
  • Putt out as often as possible. If you are uncomfortable, feel free to mark your ball and wait.
  • Keep practice swings to a minimum. Grip it and rip it.
  • Always be ready when it is your turn.
  • Mark your scorecard when you arrive at the next tee.
  • Only give advice if asked. Keep in mind during the round is not a time for lessons. Keep your comments to yourself.
  • Do not reshash past holes and shots. They are finished. Focus on the next hole instead.
  • Replace your divot or ball mark and one other.
  • DO NOT POST YOUR OWN SCORES--turn them into the Tournament Chairwoman for posting.
  • Call the pro shop by Monday for Tuesday play and by Wednesday for Saturday play if you did not sign up in the book.